Portrait of Baroness Elisabeth Bachofen-Enht by Gustav Klimt, 1914/ Chantilly lace motif introduced in February 2001

Solstiss lace for Valentino, 2006-2007/ Fashion in the 30's

Guipure lace/ Adidas jogging suit designed specially by Sarah Sumfleth for the exhibition "Detournement de Dentelles"

Dionysos carafe by Baccarat. Lace-crystal concept by the architect/designer Reda Amalou/ Mesh lace

Chantilly lace/ Actress Audrey Hepburn wearing a lace mask



Fantastic Jean-Paul Goude's Art


Jean-Paul Goude (born 1940, Saint-Mandé, Paris, France) 

Named the best photographer in the world by Andy Warhol, French visionary Jean-Paul Goude (b. 1940) has worked as a photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, and advertising film director since the 1960s, bringing the dynamic visual vocabulary from all of those mediums into his nuanced, poly-vocal practice of collage and pastiche.

Goude presaged the technique of Photoshop years before it was invented—working only with paint, sticky tape and board to achieve the effect that now comes at the click of a mouse. Wryly dubbing his image modifications “French Corrections”—a play on the movie title The French Connection that was conceived while Goude was working as Art Director of the illustrious Esquire Magazine—he pioneered a world of artistic multitasking that has become part and parcel of contemporary existence...

Information was taken from the websites:



More ART http://www.jeanpaulgoude.com

Jean Paul Goude fashion photography for Valentino - 1983 .

KENZO Fantasy Fall 2013 Campaign with Rinko Kikuchi

Goudemalion, A Retrospective of the life and work of Jean-Paul Goude



Solstiss; The Seduction of the Lace


Once upon a time there lived an English visionary named John Heathcoat, who was determined to find a way to replicate the movements of the lace makers’ delicate fingers, with a machine.  His invention, perfected by John Leavers, arrived in Northern France and by 1879 several pioneering skilled artisans began producing Leavers Lace also called Dentelle de Calais ® on these mechanical masterminds.

Nearly 100 years later, in 1974, four well- established lace makers from the region decided to join forces by uniting their know how within a sole company, which they named Solstiss. Their goal was to provide the means for larger and more efficient production, increasing their activity while maintaining the tradition of lace making in Northern France.

  • Maison Ledieu Beauvillain
  • Victor Machu and AEG Joel Machu
  • Robert Belot
  • Maison Edouard Beauvillain

Each lace maker brought to the table a unique skill and tradition that set them apart from the others, to create 1 cohesive brand and expert lace makers across all categories.

Today, Solstiss is respected worldwide for its fine luxury laces and known for the wealth and diversity of its lace patterns, extensive color palette and cutting edge innovation. The world’s Top fashion houses turn to Solstiss laces as a resource and inspiration for their creations.

Information was taken from the official website http://www.solstiss.com

Solstiss; The Seduction of the Lace. Anne Kraatz.

You can never be too modern, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel once said. And what better example of modernity than Cecil Beaton's 1936 portrait of the legendary designer posing in a gold-lace embroidered dress, gilt with sequins.

ph by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

Jean Paul Goude fashion photography for Valentino - 1983 .

Painstaking mending. The work is invisible/ Solstiss lace for haute couture Gaultier Paris, 2005-2006

Solstiss lace for Emanuel Ungaro 1998-1999/ Grace Kelly at her wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco. April 19, 1956

Solstiss lace for Gaultier Paris, 2002

Solstiss lace made exclusively for Louis Vuitton, 2003/ Louis Vuitton runway show, 2004

Anna Vialitsyna, the woman behind the perfume Chance, in a spidery Chanel dress with Solstiss lace, ph by Jean-Paul Goude, 2003/ Drawing by Karl Lagerfeld for the exhibition "Detournement de Dentelles", Solstiss 2002

Bjork by Jean Paul Goude

 Jean Paul Goude shot Bjork for the September 2007 issue of the defunct French magazine, Mixte.

Goude, of course, will forever be associated with Grace Jones, as he played a major role in developing her image. They were also a couple and had a son together, musician Paulo Goude.


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